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Project Description
An extensible WCF ServiceBus that provides durable content based routing and publish/subscribe.

v2.3 Road Map:
  • Extend web UI for managing Subscriptions and Message Tracking.
  • Add support for SAML tokens.

v2.2 Release Notes:
  • Add support for Oracle persistence.
  • Replaced dependencies with NuGet packages.
  • Created NuGet packages for RockBus.

v2.1 Release Notes:
  • Added dynamic publisher endpoint creation.
  • Added initial web UI for managing Subscriptions and Message Tracking.
  • Added performance counter monitoring service.
  • Added PubSubTester (load) testing tool.
  • Improved logging and error reporting.

v2.0 Release Notes:
  • Added non-persistent subscriptions (subscriptions for which the messages do not need to be persisted).
  • Improved error-handling functionality when using the SqlDb Message Persistence (i.e. configuring MaxDeliveryAttemptCount/DeliveryAttemptInterval per subscription).
  • Added Pipeline/PipelineComponent infrastructure, which supports:
    • XsltTransformation
    • XsdValidation
    • Custom pipeline component(s)
  • Several refactorings.

v1.1 Release Notes:
  • Added test application to test/evaluate Subscriptions, including topics, topic filters and xpath expressions.
  • Added a Sql Server Db for message storage.
  • Added Advertisements. Advertisements are Publisher registrations to associate a messages to topics based on filters (a topic will be associated based on publisher filters before the message hits the topic evaluation stage).
  • Added client side APIs (Publisher and Subscriber) to easily set up pub/sub over WCF.

Why RockBus?
  • Reliable messaging using any of the following durable backing stores:
    • Custom SQL Server database (status: beta)
    • MSMQ (netMsmqBinding)
    • Possibility to implement your own MessageRepository.
  • Topic based publish/subscribe using TOPIC regex expressions.
  • Content based routing using the .NET message filter infrastructure, including XPATH filters.
  • Dynamic (@run-time) publish/subscribe (adding/removing subscriptions/routing-rules at run-time) through WCF service interface
  • Support for WCF bindings:
  • Pluggability:
    • ConfigurationRepository: In-Memory or Sql Server Db (or implement your own SubscriptionRepository)
    • Pluggability for message transports (queue frameworks, database)
  • Flexible hosting: IIS, Console host (wcf self-host), and/or any of your existing processes
    • Optionally install as centralized broker, or use as distributed bus across your existing processes
  • Failover & Scalability through SQL Server or MSMQ.

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